Web Traffic Generation Training Course

Web Traffic Generation Training Course

  • Quickly master the 80/20 of SEO so Google can start sending you traffic your way.
  • You’ll learn PROVEN strategies and techniques for video marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), article writing, social media marketing, facebook marketing and everything in between. After going through this program, You’ll have all the skills and techniques to get traffic and people to my offers at will… regardless of my budget.
  • How to leverage the power of content marketing to attract people to your website.
  • Quickly get your content in front of ALOT of people on social media who want your products and services with minimal investment upfront.
  • Know the most powerful channels you can use for getting your content and product/services in front of hundreds of thousands of potential buyers

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Web Traffic Generation Training Course

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Web Traffic Generation Training Course Syllabus

Introduction to the Course

  • Why you need traffic to your website? (A Common Myth Debunked)
  • The 3 Must Haves for Daily Massive Traffic to Your Website


Content Marketing Isn’t For Everybody, But You Need it if You Want Traffic

  • Writing Great Headlines that Get Clicked
  • Proven Blog Post Ideas that People Want to Read About
  • The Anatomy of a Viral Blog Post That Gets Shared


The Science of Leveraging Guest Posting to Your Traffic Advantage

  • How to Get Your Foot in the Door of a Popular Blog in Your Niche
  • The Easiest Way to Feature Popular Bloggers on Your Site & Steal Their Traffic
  • The Power of Podcasting: Why It’s the Best way to get your guest on your site


S.E.O. Mastery: Why Google & Search Engines Are Your Friend for Passive Traffic

  • On-Site SEO: Build Your Website for SEO so Google Loves and Promotes It
  • Off-Site SEO: Google Wants to Know Your Popular, so It can make you even more!


Link Building 101 The Hidden Places on the Web Where You’re Bound to Get Traffic

  • When You Question Yahoo, It’s Answers Give You Massive Traffic
  • Get Professional Traffic with the Help of Quora
  • Join the Tribe of Bloggers and Cross Promote Blogs to Get Traffic
  • Forums Still Exist and You Need to Leverage Them
  • Why Commenting on Blogs is the Best Thing you can do to get free traffic


The Power of Social Media: Why Getting Social is the New Way of Getting Traffic

  • Facebook Engagement: Why You Need to Create Raving Fans for Your Site
  • Twitter Conversations: Hashtags and Tweeting is the Secret Weapon
  • YouTube: A Powerhouse of Passive Traffic Coming to Your Site
  • Google+: Learn to Hack Google Plus to Rank even Higher on Google Search Engine
  • Pinterest: The secret of driving thousands of visits to your website with images
  • Slideshare: Convert Your Info into Slides for a Flood of Traffic
  • LinkedIn: The underdog of traffic that no one knows how to leverage


Social Bookmarketing: Get People to Vote on Your Popular Content & Go Viral

  • Reddit: The Internet’s Hidden Cult of Traffic Drivers
  • StumbleUpon: The Easiest Way of Stumbling Upon Free Traffic


Course Conclusion