Inbound Marketing Training Course

Inbound Marketing Training Course

  • Learn how Keyword phrases are BORN from Customer Experiences
  • Understand the ONLY things you need to know about keywords to ACTUALLY DO MARKETING. No Fluff Here.
  • Understand how SEO people see Keywords
  • Learn how true Industry Experts understand the Power of Keywords
  • Learn the 3 Perspectives to understand Keywords

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Inbound Marketing Training Course

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Inbound Marketing Training Course Syllabus

The Power of Keywords

  • The Customer Perspective 
  • The Industry Expert Perspective 


Developing your Keyword Crystal Ball Screen Casts

  • Overview of the Crystal Ball and Worksheets 
  • Explanation of the Keyword Crystal Ball Tab 
  • Harvesting Keyword Fuel Step 1 
  • Harvesting Keyword Fuel: Preparation for Step 2 
  • Harvesting Keyword Fuel: Step 2 
  • Harvesting Keyword Fuel Step 3 
  • Keyword Factory: Step 4 
  • Keyword Factory: Step 5 
  • Keyword Factory: Step 6 


Content Strategy Lecture

  • What is Content Strategy? & What is your Industry Really 
  • The 4 Roles in your Industry Community 
  • First Half of Industry Identifier 
  • Second Half of Industry Identifier 
  • Rapportive and Map 


Content Strategy Screencasts

  • Community Mapping Intro 
  • Community Mapping Screencast 
  • Social Stalking Screencast 
  • Automating Content Coverage 


Buyer Personas

  • Buyer Persona Overview 
  • Developing Interview Questions 


Buyer Persona Screencasts

  • Developing Interview Questions Doc 
  • Compiling Research 
  • Identifying Trends with Custom Built Tool
  • Extracting Buyer Personas from Trends 
  • Developing Buyer Persona Stories 
  • Researching Customers Online Step 1 
  • Researching Customers Online Step 2 
  • Researching Competitors Online 



  • Blogging Overview 
  • Blog Post Types 
  • Blog Title Principles 


Blogging Screencasts

  • Overview of the 4 Hacks
  • How to Compile the Best Articles for Hack 1 
  • Hack 1 for Validated & Unlimited Blog Ideas 
  • Hack 2 for Validated & Unlimited Blog Ideas 
  • Hack 3 for Validated & Unlimited Blog Ideas 
  • Hack 4 for Validated & Unlimited Blog Ideas 
  • Master Blogging Sheet Tab 


Inbound Campaigns

  • Overview of Inbound Campaigns 
  • The Buyers Journey 
  • Conversion Path 
  • Essential 1 Snaking the Grid Methodology 
  • Essential 2: Brainstorming your Blog Posts for your Campaigns 
  • Essential 3: Deciding on Offers 
  • Essential 4 Full Scale W.I.A Worksheets 
  • What is a Full Scale Inbound Campaign? 
  • The 3 Correct Methods to Prioritize Your Campaign Content 
  • Step-by-Step Building the Awareness Campaign 
  • Step-by-Step Building the Consideration Campaign 
  • Step-by-Step Building Decision Campaigns 
  • Filling out your Inbound Campaigns Spreadsheet