Growth Hacking Online Training Course

Growth Hacking Online Training Course

  • Tell better stories and write marketing content to improve conversion rates.
  • Integrate the data-driven and adaptive culture of Growth Hacking to improve digital marketing results.
  • Design customer action funnels and calculate per-user LTV / CAC.
  • Grow social media audiences using bots and organic techniques.
  • Track, analyze, and leverage traffic and product usage data using Google Analytics.

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Growth Hacking Online Training Course

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Growth Hacking Online Training Syllabus

Are You Ready to Growth Hack the Google Merch Store? Let’s Get Started


How to Get Insights from Google Analytics and Apply them to Marketing Funnels

  • Let Google Analytics Release Your Inner Detective
  • [Beginner] How to Measure Traffic Volume and Visitor Interest
  • [Beginner] How to Measure Engagement and Actions Taken
  • [Intermediate] Source/Medium and Good Traffic (Essential Skill)
  • [Intermediate] SideBYSide: Set Up Your Google Analytics Property
  • [Intermediate] SideBYSide: Two Ways to Install Your Facebook Pixel
  • [Beginner] SideBYSide: Voice Command Your Google Analytics Database
  • [Expert Interview] Reva Minkoff on Using Analytics at Different Stages of Growth 
  • Pirate Metrics! Let’s Expand Your View of Funnels
  • [Intermediate] An Introduction to Digital Funnels and Conversion Points
  • Practicum 1: Use GA to Find Good Segments and Enrich them with Facebook Insights
  • Get Hands-on with Real Data from the Google Merch Store 
  • [Advanced] Build an Automated Google Analytics Monitoring System


Accelerate Growth by Developing Personas and Focusing on Specific User Segments

  • What if Your Focus was So Clear You Found Growth Hacks in Your Dreams?
  • [Beginner] The Fundamentals of Segmentation for Growth Hackers
  • [Expert Interview] Thomas Paris from MAD Kings on Segments and Acquisition
  • [Beginner] SideBYSide: How to Use Facebook Audience Insights (Research vs. Ads)
  • [Intermediate] How to Build Personas and Needs Maps through Customer Interviews
  • [Expert Interview] Alen Faljic from IDEO on Soft Data and Design Thinking
  • What are the Building Blocks of a Growth Hacking Campaign?
  • [Beginner] Three Growth Marketing Concepts We’ll Use Throughout the Course
  • [Intermediate] Do You Have a Must-have Product or Service?
  • Practicum 2: Build the Richard Persona in Xtensio with Maja
  • Practice Planning a Growth Hacking Experiment Targeted to the Richard Persona 


Use Data to Learn Strategies and Run Your Growth Team

  • You Don’t Need to Know Everything when You Have Data
  • [Analyze Data] The Fundamentals of Lean Analytics (Beginner)
  • [Focus on the Inputs] Find and Measure Your Leading Variables (Intermediate)
  • [Prioritize Growth Ideas] How to Use the ICE System in Growth Hacking (Beginner)
  • [Work as a Team] 5 Hats: The Five Skills Needed to Hack Growth (Intermediate)
  • [Expert Interview] Brian Taylor from Amazon on UX and When to Use A/B Testing 
  • Practicum 3: Maja, Davis, and Jure Brainstorm Richard Persona Growth Hacks
  • Build the Richard Persona in the Google Merch Store Analytics Account 


Find Language/Market Fit: From Copywriting to Dynamic Creative

  • How to Test Your Way to Language/Market Fit
  • [Beginner] Write Better Copy for Your Emails, Blogs, Websites, etc.
  • [Intermediate] Hacking Acquisition: The 8 Seconds Rule and Channel Testing
  • [Intermediate] Try These Methods to Increase Email List Signups
  • [Advanced] What is Dynamic Creative and How Can You Use It?
  • [Expert Interview] Savvas Zortikis on Using Viral Loops to Gamify Email Referral
  • Practicum 4: Let’s Launch and Debrief a Dynamic Creative Ad Test
  • Use Google Merch Store Data to Find Language/Market Fit Ideas 


How to Build Landing Pages and Develop Visual Language Fit

  • What’s the Language Spoken by 65% of the Global Population?
  • [Beginner] The Fundamentals of User Experience (UX)
  • [Beginner] How to Design a Killer Landing Page
  • Romina Kavčič: Language + Usability = Conversion
  • Jakob Marovt on Coding for Growth Hacking and Getting More from Your Traffic
  • [Intermediate] Try these Five Methods to Increase Conversions
  • Practicum 5: How UX Impacts the Way People Shop on Your Site
  • Reverse Engineer Visual Content for the Richard Persona 


The Fundamentals of Driving, Directing, and Tagging Traffic

  • Imagine Yourself Managing Your Own Digital Airport
  • [Beginner] The Structure, Channels, and Metrics of Online Advertising
  • [Beginner] The Fundamentals of Setting Up Search (or “CPC”) Ads
  • [Beginner] Audiences and the Basics of Social Media Advertising vs. PPC
  • What’s the Most Important Part of Your Funnel?
  • [Beginner] Send More Effective Marketing Emails
  • [Intermediate] SideBYSide: Create a Custom Segment in MailChimp
  • [Intermediate] Three Advanced Email Marketing Implementations
  • [Intermediate] SideBYSide: Automate the Delivery of Emails Based on a Trigger
  • [Beginner] SideBYSide: Set Up Basic Link Tracking for a URL
  • [Advanced] Use UTM Tracking to Compare Channels and Content
  • [Advanced] SideBYSide: Append UTM Codes to a Link
  • Practicum 6: Facebook Ads Tips from Jure (He’s Sold €30m+ with FB Ads)
  • What PPC Ads Drive Good Traffic to the Google Store? 


Strategies for Optimizing for Personas and Users that Generate the Most Revenue

  • Could Lifetime Customer Value Be the Most Important Marketing Metric?
  • [Intermediate] How to Estimate Lifetime Customer Value and Acquisition Cost
  • [Advanced] Place a Value at Each Point of Conversion in Your Funnel
  • [Intermediate] SideBYSide: Estimate LTV and CAC of Different Personas (See Link) 
  • [Expert Interview] Simon Belak on Segmenting and Lifetime Customer Value
  • As We Shift Focus on Revenue, Let’s Move Our Focus Down the Funnel
  • [Beginner] Five Must-know Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Practices
  • [Intermediate] The Five-Point SEO Checklist for Content Marketing
  • Practicum 7: Engineering On-site Psychology to Drive Conversions
  • Create Your First Custom Report and Pilot an SEO Strategy 


Turn Sparks into Flames: How to Use Data to Double Down on What Works

  • How to Mix Social Media and Public Relations to Expand Your Audience
  • [Intermediate] Use the RIFE Method to Research Content Ideas
  • [Intermediate] SideBYSide: Mine Your Content Analytics
  • [Intermediate] What Factors Increase the “Viral Effect” of Content?
  • [Intermediate] …but What Really Makes a Piece of Content “Go Viral?”
  • [Expert Interview] Joy Schoffler from Leverage PR on Working the Media
  • [Intermediate] SideBYSide: Find and Mass Mail Journalists and VIPs
  • Practicum 8: How to Pick Products and Territories for Expansion
  • How Would You Expand the Google Merch Store Beyond the US 


Growth Hacking Retention: Acquisition is Expensive. Retention is Not.

  • Where the Fun and Money Is (or Mr. Steve’s 100th Birthday Party)
  • [Intermediate] The Fundamentals of Remarketing Based on User Behavior
  • [Intermediate] SideBYSide: Build Audiences Who Engaged on Facebook or Instagram
  • [Advanced] SideBYSide: Let’s Target of Cart Abandoners and Engaged Traffic on FB
  • [Intermediate] How to Define and Growth Hack Your Retention Cohorts
  • Practicum 9: Maja and Jure’s Approaches to Retaining Customers [s10m06]
  • Develop a Post-purchase Flow for the Richard Persona 


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