Google Analystics Training Course

Google Analystics Training Course

  • Discover the Best Ways to Use Google Analytics to Get More Traffic to Your Websites
  • Analyze Marketing Performance to Maximize its Effectiveness and Optimize ROI
  • Build, Manage, and Share Custom Reports with Your Colleagues and Boss
  • Learn Who Your Audience Is and How They Interact with Your Website
  • Understand Where the Traffic Comes from and How Those Users Navigate Between Pages of Your Site

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Google Analystics Training Course

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Google Analystics Training Course Syllabus


  • What You Will Learn in This Course
  • Google Analytics helps me see what I am doing right so I can do more of it.
  • After years using Google analytics, what is the #1 way I use it today?


Module# 1: Everything You Need to Know About Google Analytics

  • What You Will Learn in This Module
  • What Google Analytics is And Why It is Important For Your Business?
  • Terminology
  • How to Create Google Analytics Account
  • How to Install Tracking Code
  • How to Review Your Account Properties in View Filters
  • Reporting And Sources: How to Leverage Them For Your Business
  • Metrics And Dimensions
  • Google Analytics Interface
  • Annotations And Graphs: How to Make Notes For Your Reports And Data
  • The Data Table


Module# 2: Reporting

  • What You Will Learn in This Module
  • Segmentation: How to Filter Data to Get Specific Portion of it to Measure Result
  • Filtering: How to Slice up Individual Reports
  • Audience Reports: How to Check Characteristics Of Our Site Viewers
  • Geographical Data: Check Where Your Website Viewers Are From
  • Behavior And Technology Reports
  • Acquisition Reports: Check How People Are Finding Your Website
  • All Traffic Reports: How to Identify Which Traffic Sources Are Performing Best!
  • Social Reports: How to Check Which Social Media Sites Are Sending You Traffic
  • Network Referrals
  • Landing Pages And Conversions


Module# 3: Behavior And Conversion Reports

  • What You Will Learn in This Module
  • SEO-Reports: Check How Visible Your Website is in Organic Search
  • Landing Pages Reports: Check Which Page on Your Site is Performing Well
  • Behavior Reports: Check How Users Interact With Your Website
  • Tracking Events: How to Check Specific Interaction on Your Site
  • Configuring Goals: Check How Well Your Site is Meeting Objectives
  • Goal Reports
  • Additional Features
  • Custom Dashboards: How to Check Your Business Goals
  • How to Link Adwords With Analytics
  • How to create a remarketing audience for use in Google AdWords.
  • Conclusion



  • Introduction & Quick Overview
  • Navigation And Admin
  • Website Account Creation
  • Connecting To WordPress Website
  • Connecting To HTML Site