Conversion Tracking Training Course

Conversion Tracking Training Course

  • Understand what UTM Parameters are & how to use them and track campaigns properly
  • Understand what Google Tag Manager is and how to use it for better pixel tracking and event tracking setup
  • Utilise current marketing budgets better with better tracking systems
  • Setup conversion tracking for all the major advertising platforms – Google, Facebook, Linkedin and more
  • Learn how to track specific events like button clicks on your site rather then just page views and destination url’s

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Conversion Tracking Training Course

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Conversion Tracking Training Course Syllabus

UTM Parameters – what are they and how to use them

  • UTM Parameters explained
  • Setting up UTM Parameters
  • Tracking UTM’s in GA 
  • Value Track Parameters 


Tracking Pixels & Conversion Tracking

  • Understanding Tracking Pixels 
  • Facebook Conversion Tracking 
  • Linkedin conversion Tracking 
  • Adding Pixels to your Website 

 Google Analytics for AdWords Managers

  • The Advantages of Linking Google Analytics with AdWords 
  • Linking Google Analytics & Google Ads 
  • Understand Google Ads Reports within Google Analytics 
  • GA Conversion Tracking & Goal Setup 
  • Remarketing Segments in GA 
  • Attribution Models in Google Analytics 

 Call Tracking

  • Introduction to Call Tracking
  • How does call tracking work & key benefits 
  • Avanser Walk-through 
  • Integrating Call Tracking with Google Analytics 


3rd Party Landing Page Tracking

  • Tracking integration for landing pages 

Google Tag Manager (GTM)

  • What is Google Tag Manager 
  • Review of GTM interface and Setting up GTM 
  • Adding Tracking with Tags in GTM 
  • Google Tag Assistant – Debugging Tracking Issues
  • Event Tracking with GTM 
  • Event Tracking Reports in Google Analytics 

 Dashboarding & Reporting with Google Data Studio

  • A concise introduction to Google Data Studio
  • GDS – Similar Products in the Marketplace 
  • GDS – Pros & Cons 
  • Part 1: Working with a Google Data Studio Template – Feature Overview
  • Part 2: Working with a GDS Template – Connecting Data Sources 
  • Part 3: Working with GDS – Dimensions, Metrics & Filters 
  • Part 4: Working with GDS – the Toolbar 
  • Part 5: Working with GDS – calculated fields (Advanced)
  • GDS – Sharing Options 
  • com – A Marketplace for Templates