Amazon Affilate Marketing Course

Amazon Affilate Marketing Course

  • Drive traffic to Amazon listings from multiple external sources
  • Sell in high volume, competitive niches on Amazon
  • Earn an extra income as an Amazon Associate (affiliate)
  • Maximise income potential by promoting multiple products within your niche/niches
  • Give newly launched products/listings a sales and ranking boost

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Amazon Affilate Marketing Course

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Amazon Affilate Marketing Course Syllabus

First Things First

  • Introduction to the Course
  • Sellers – Get Your Links Ready for Marketing
  • Fix this Common Problem ūüôā
  • The Primary Reason for Sellers to Promote Via External Traffic Sources¬†


The Amazon Affiliate Program

  • Why You Should Join the Amazon Associate Program¬†
  • Setting up a Simple Blog or Website¬†
  • Affiliate Potential and Sign Up¬†
  • Choose the Best Products to Promote¬†
  • Promoting Affiliate Products¬†
  • Affiliate Program Quiz¬†


Tap into YouTube

  • Introduction to Using YouTube¬†
  • Set up Your Channel¬†
  • Make Your First Video: The Easy Way!¬†
  • SEO Your Video for YouTube and Google¬†

 The Power of Pinterest

  • Introduction to Using Pinterest¬†
  • Pinterest Business Account Set Up¬†
  • Pinterest Marketing Part 1¬†
  • Pinterest Marketing Part 2¬†
  • Pinterest Marketing Part 3¬†
  • Pinterest Marketing Part 4¬†

 Use Twitter Like a Pro!

  • Introduction to Using Twitter¬†
  • Finding Great Stuff to Tweet About!¬†
  • Build Your Twitter Followers¬†
  • Making Hashtags Work for You¬†
  • Scheduling Tweets, Adding Images and More

 Make Facebook Your Friend

  • Set up Your Facebook Page Part 1¬†
  • Set up Your Facebook Page Part 2¬†
  • Set up Your Facebook Page Part 3¬†
  • Running a Likes Campaign Part 1¬†
  • Running a Likes Campaign Part 2¬†
  • Alternative Method to Get Likes¬†
  • More Information About Getting Likes¬†
  • Running an Offer Claim Ad¬†
  • Running a Clicks to Website Ad¬†
  • Final Words About Facebook Advertising¬†


More Valuable Traffic Sources

  • Creating a HubPage¬†
  • Using Classified Ad Sites¬†