Affiliate Marketing Business Course

Affiliate Marketing Business Course

  • Identify your Target Market and research their online activity and profile to define the most relevant needs and problems.
  • Dominate platforms with affiliate programs like Clickbank, Shareasale, Commision Junction and others
  • Come up with list of relevant keywords to tackle those problems with keyword research for further SEO purposes.
  • Pick products and services to promote to your target audience based on the already established ground of what they really need.
  • Craft a solid value proposition to appeal to a them in a deep and understanding fashion and differentiate yourself from other affiliate marketers.

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Affiliate Marketing Business Course

What is A Digital Marketing?

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Affiliate Marketing Business Course Syllabus


  • This is Affiliate Marketing
  • Our Personal Private Communication Channel


The Affiliate Business Model

  • A Brief Story of Business Models
  • Introducing the Affiliate Business Model
  • Understanding the Affiliate Business Model
  • The Master Plan: Steps to Success

 Prospect Buyer, Target Market & Niche Market

  • Prospect Buyers: What Affiliate Marketing is Really About
  • Market vs Target Market vs Niche Market
  • Market Research Part 1: Content
  • Market Research Part 2: Communities and Forums
  • 4W Model Part 1: How to Formulate Relevant Questions
  • 4W Model Part 2: How to Formulate Relevant Questions
  • Using Data for Validation
  • Ask the Crowd: Online Surveys
  • How and Where to Create the Perfect Online Survey
  • Sharing the Survey: Get your Questions Answered
  • Analyzing Results: How to Draw Meaningful Conclusions
  • Questions, Data, Conclusions and Profiles: How to Link it All Together

 Problems & Keywords

  • Moving On: Identifying Pains & Problems
  • Types of Keywords: The Battle of The Tails
  • From Problems to Keywords
  • Finding Related Keyword with Ubersuggest
  • Keyword Research Tools: Which One Should I Use?
  • How to Search and Filter Keywords
  • Picking the Winner Keywords
  • Now Watch Me Do it!

 Solutions & Products

  • Someone Already Solved the Problem for You!
  • Affiliate Networks
  • CPS v/s CPA
  • Network List
  • Networks and Products (Part 1)
  • Networks and Products (Part 2)
  • In-House Affiliate Programs
  • Why I Choose In-House: The Magic of Re-Targeting
  • $75,750 with One In-House Affiliate Program

Value Proposition

  • Finding Your Value
  • Top 2 Affiliate Marketing Values: Honesty and Usefulness
  • How the Affiliate Marketing Game Changed and How to Survive in 2017
  • You Are Your Brand
  • Personal Brand Names
  • Keyword Brand Names

 Channels & Content

  • About Channels
  • Website v/s NO Website
  • How Websites Resemble Real Estate
  • How to Find the Perfect (and Available) Domain Name
  • The ONLY 3 Things You’ll Need to Pay For
  • Hosting Plans: Which One Do You Need?
  • Bought Domain Elsewhere? Linking Domains to Hosting with DNS
  • Installing WordPress in just 2 Minutes
  • WordPress Basic Settings
  • The Perfect Theme for Affiliate Marketing
  • Here’s How to Copy a Website’s Theme
  • Essential SEO Plugins
  • Affiliate Link Management and Cloaking Plugins
  • Make your site Shareable!
  • How to write great headlines


Relationships & List Building

  • Why you Need an Email List
  • How Email Marketing Works
  • Catch, Collect and Contact
  • Email Campaign Examples
  • Drag N’ Drop Landing Pages
  • Optin Boxes
  • Popups
  • Baits (or Lead Magnets)
  • How and Why to Contact Subscribers
  • How Do You Know Your List is Ready To BUY?
  • Increase Conversions: The Headline
  • How to Write an Email Copy in 5 Minutes
  • 15 Tips to Great Email Copy
  • 15 Tips to Great Email Copy Part 2