Advanced Youtube Marketing Course

Advanced Youtube Marketing Course

  • Create SEO Friendly Youtube Content
  • Effectively Rank Videos In Youtube
  • How To Increase Subscribers & Views Consistently
  • Understand How Google & Youtube Rank Videos
  • Tips For Earning Residual Monthly Income on Youtube.

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Advanced Youtube Marketing Course

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Advanced Youtube Marketing Course Syllabus

Getting Started on YouTube

  • How To Optimize New Channel or Start New Channel Properly
  • Join Our Community To Learn Internet Marketing
  • How To Optimize Youtube Channel
  • Why a schedule is so Important….. 
  • Course Links Half Price
  • Join Course Students To Enhance Learning
  • Facebook Group for Students To Help Each Other and Get Advice From Instructor
  • Youtube Secret: Learn How To See Other YT Creators Tags 
  • Youtube Secret for increasing views and engagement using playlist. 
  • 9to5mac Macmixing Shares Youtube SECRETS for Success 
  • How To Earn Additional $4K Monthly Using Blog To Complement Youtube Channel 
  • Adding A Blog With Your Youtube Channel Course
  • Youtube Character Limits For Tags, Titles, & Description Box 
  • How To Use Canva to Design Youtube Channel Art and Thumbnails 
  • How To Use Canva to Promote Videos Effeciently 


The importance of Branding Plus New Card Features Added

  • Importance of Branding on Youtube
  • Youtube Branding Pt 2 
  • How Annotations Can Help Grow Channel Views and Subscribers 
  • How to Create Youtube Channel Art or Thumbnails and Social Media 
  • How To Use “Youtube Cards” for Annotations


How to Effectively Use The Description Box

  • How To Get the Most from the Youtube Description Box 
  • Youtube Secrets for Skipping from one spot to another in video from description 
  • Understand Why the Top 3 lines of Description are so important-Secrets 


How Blogging builds Youtube Channel Subscribers and Views

  • How using WordPress for a blog Improves Youtube channel and Social media. 
  • How having a Blog/Website helps your Youtube channel. 
  • Learn several different ways to earn extra money besides Youtube channel. 
  • Advantages of Third Party Youtube PartnerShip 
  • How Using Custom EndSlates Can Increase Viewers and Engagement 


SEO Optimization increases Views

  • Understanding how keywords and SEO optimization influence Youtube videos. 
  • Optimization For First Time Youtube Channels 
  • Strategies 
  • Youtube Secret Analytic Strategies for more Income Weekly 


Using Analytics for Subscribers

  • Easily Increase Your Video Views 
  • Hack Youtube For Lots More Views 
  • Adwords 
  • Understanding Youtube Analytics and Growth and Applying it 
  • Understanding How Youtube Ranks Videos in Search Results 
  • Secrets for Google ALERTS 


Mobile Users

  • How to Get Great Audio & Video Quality at Reasonable Cost 
  • Being Aware of Annotations and Mobile Users 
  • Running Channel With Mobile Device 


Walk Through of iPhonecaptain Channel

  • Channel Walk Thru 
  • Become a Youtube Partner Today 
  • Schedule 
  • Using GiveAways To Build Channel Subscribers & Increases Social Media Following 


How To Use Affiliate Programs on Youtube

  • Best Affiliates Programs Recommendations List
  • History of Affiliate Marketing 
  • Tips For Improving Channel Authority 
  • Sample List For Methods To Monetize Blog or Youtube Channel 
  • Understanding How Youtube Ranks Videos 
  • Fan Funding Features 
  • Using Amazon Associates To Earn Revenue on Youtube & Blog 
  • How to Use bitly link shortener on Youtube or Blog 
  • Different Affiliates We Think Are The Best For Beginners 
  • Different Ways To Monetize Channel & Blog 
  • Three Sites For Building Subscribers and Earning Revenue 


Youtube Thumbnail Features and Design

  • Thumbnail Creation Secrets 
  • Browser Photo Editors For Creating Youtube Thumbnails
  • How To Use Clipping Mask in Photoshop For Youtube Thumbnails 
  • How To Create PinWheel Backgrounds Using GIMP For Youtube Thumbnails 
  • How To Create PinWheel Backgrounds Using Photoshop For Youtube Thumbnails 
  • PhotoShop Features & Strategies For Creating Most Optimized Youtube Thumbnails 
  • Understanding Youtube Thumbnail and Why It’s Important