Advanced Lead Generation Course

Advanced Lead Generation Course

  • By the end of this course, you’ll learn exactly how to connect with new clients using cold emails to grow your business
  • You’ll learn a system you can use on a regular basis to constantly drum up new business

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Advanced Lead Generation Course

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Advanced Lead Generation Course Syllabus

Setting Up A System to Find and Connect With New Clients

  • Course Introduction
  • Introduce Yourself!
  • Prospecting 101
  • Setting Yourself Up For Success
  • Establishing A Prospecting Schedule
  • Identifying Companies For Your Hitlist
  • Building Your Hitlist
  • Using Your Personal Network
  • Popular Directory Sites
  • Competitor Sites
  • Award Winners
  • Forums and Online Communities
  • Mining LinkedIn


Finding the Correct Person to Email

  • The Importance of Finding the Right Stakeholder
  • LinkedIn
  • Company Websites
  • Using Your Personal Network
  • Informational Cold Calls
  • Articles and Press Releases
  • Twitter and Facebook


How to Find Anyone’s Email Address

  • Why Email First?
  • Rapportive
  • Mailtester
  • Facebook
  • com
  • Jigsaw
  • Emails for Corporations
  • Snapbird, Toofr
  • Cold Call,, Slideshare, Google
  • What About LinkedIn Messages?
  • What About Website Forms?


How to Improve Your Email Copy and Writing

  • Applying the Copywriters Mindset To Cold Emails
  • Crafting Effective Subject Lines
  • Making Sure You Address Prospects Appropriately


Critical Cold Email Rules to Always Follow

  • Effective Length, Tone, and First Sentences
  • Personalization
  • Spacing and Formatting
  • Company Email Address and Signature
  • The Importance of Your Website
  • Limited Information Mindset
  • Handling Info@ Email Addresses
  • Exclamation Points & Smiley Faces


Cold Email Habits and Practices You Must Avoid

  • Best Practices for Attachments, Vocabulary, and Punctuation
  • Avoiding Assumptive Time Commitments
  • Specific Phrases to Avoid


Cold Email Scripts and Templates

  • Formula Mindset and Success Process
  • The Bandage Email Formula
  • Create An Interal Referral
  • The Personalized Screencast
  • The Custom HTML Attachment
  • Event Based Cold Emails
  • The Dialogue Builder
  • The Aha Research Formula
  • The Free Value Lead


Handling Rebuttals and How to Convert Initial Dialogues to Meetings

  • Converting Emails into Meetings
  • Handling When People Ask For More Information
  • Handling When Prospects Don’t Respond
  • How to Handle We Work With A Competitor Rebuttal
  • Overcoming Lack of Budget or Resources
  • Keeping Prospects Warm Even if They Say No
  • Handling “This Isn’t A Priority Right Now”
  • No Explanation on Why They’re Not Interested
  • More Resources and Continuing Education


Section 9: Course Lecture PDFs

  • Section 1 – 8