Advanced Growth Hacking Course

Advanced Growth Hacking Course

  • Introduce virality into every aspect of your marketing campaigns
  • 5x your existing growth and conversion rate
  • See where your visitors are dropping off and how to fix it
  • Add 1,000s of leads and subscribers to your list
  • Price your product or service using 30+ rare technique

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Advanced Growth Hacking Course

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Advanced Growth Hacking Course Syllabus

Growth Hacking & Conversion

  • The 2019 Complete Growth Hacking & Conversion Course Intro



  • The First Step to Growth Hacking & Conversion Analytics
  • Ensuring Google Knows Your Pages Exist
  • Tracking Each Strategy’s Performance
  • Where Are Your Visitors & Customers Dropping Off? Find Out Here
  • The Final Step Before We Get Into Growth Hacking & Conversion 
  • Analytics Checklist



  • How to Instantly Increase Your Existing Lead Conversion Rate by 6-8x
  • Demo: Setting The Hack Up on Your Site
  • Why You Only Want to Use This on Your Top 10 Pages
  • Want 100s of Influencers To Write About You This Month? Watch It Happen
  • Which Sites to Choose for Maximum Reach
  • Another Unique Way to Bring in Traffic
  • How 2 Bloggers Collected Almost 200,000 Leads in Less Than 2 Weeks 
  • A Big Discount & How to Install the Service
  • How to Set It Up (Remember Not to Link Up Your Email Service Provider)
  • An Alternative That Also Prevents Cheating
  • 2,700 Leads in 3 Days & It Works for Any Business
  • Demo: How to Replicate The Most Shared Type of Post
  • This Virtually Guarantees Your Service Goes Viral
  • Virality Checklist


Lead Generation & List Building

  • 1 Site Increased Email Subscribers 166% With This Simple Addon
  • How to Put It on Your Site & Grab Attention
  • Another Cool Feature That Will Build Your Leads
  • Something Very Few Sites Do & Why You Should
  • You Might Not Like These But They Boost Signups by At Least 27%
  • A Free Way to Implement It on Your Site
  • Demo: A 1-Step Alternative for WordPress
  • How to Do It Through LeadPages 
  • Change This Part of Your Popup for 13% Higher Conversions
  • Lead Generation & List Building Checklist


Landing Pages & CTAs

  • 3 Things That Most Sites Fail to Do With Their Landing Pages 
  • How to Get Up to 336% More Leads by Eliminating Distractions
  • Most People Have a 0% Conversion Rate On This Page. Here’s How to Get 32%+
  • How to Link It to WordPress
  • 50+ Free Customizable Landing Pages
  • Just in Case You Were Wondering
  • Offer These Instead of a PDF for Even More Leads
  • The “Right” Position, Text & Size of a Call-to-Action (CTA) Button
  • How Shape, Color & Prominence Affect Click-Through Rate (CTR)
  • A Free Site To Create High-Converting CTA Buttons
  • A/B (Split) Testing: A Detailed Intro 
  • Most Marketers Have No Idea They’re Making These Mistakes 
  • Landing Pages & CTA Checklist


Email Marketing

  • The Optimal Day & Time to Send Emails 
  • Step-by-Step: Setting Up Your Own Automated Email Sequence
  • The Secret to 23%+ Business Email Response Rates
  • 3 Easy Email Hacks That Increase Open Rate, Reduce Unsubscribes & Increase CTR
  • Should You Require Your Leads to Confirm Their Email Address?
  • The Easiest Way to Reduce Email Bounce Rates
  • How to Turn Every Email You Send Into a Sales Opportunity
  • Here’s How to Make Sure Your Emails Show Up Well Across All Platforms
  • 100s of Words to Avoid So You Don’t End Up in the Spam Folder
  • Email Marketing Checklist


Images & Search

  • Making Sure Your Pages Look Good Across Every Browser & Device 
  • 3 Do’s & 1 Don’t When It Comes to Homepage Images
  • Get 25%+ Higher Sales By Doing 1 Simple Thing
  • How to Put 360 Degree Images on Your Site
  • 55% Higher Conversion & $2.7 Million With One Tiny Image
  • Novelty & Extra Information May Aid in Conversion
  • Images Checklist
  • The 1 Goldmine On Your Site You Probably Pay No Attention To
  • Demo: How to Gather the Data You Need
  • 4 Services You Can Use to Optimize Search & Increase Sales
  • Search Checklist


Pricing & Customers

  • Make Sure to Use These 30+ Techniques When You Set Your Pricing
  • 1, 2, 3 (or More) Pricing Options – Which Converts Best?
  • Setting One Up on Your Site: A Walkthrough
  • If You’re On a Budget, This Is for You
  • A $999,999 Pricing Package That Doesn’t Exist?
  • 4 Counterintuitive Ways of Increasing Sales and Lowering Returns 
  • 15% Reduction in Refunds & Cancellations (With 5 Mins of Work)
  • Exceeding Expectations Doesn’t Improve Customer Loyalty. Here’s What Does
  • 15% Higher Average Orders & Happier Customers 
  • How to Set It Up On Your Site for Free
  • What’s Your Best Marriage Advice? 
  • How 3 Companies Used Gamification to Increase Conversion Up to 7x
  • A Free Service That Creates More Interaction on Your Site
  • They Only Represent 15% of Your Customers But They Bring In 55% of the Sales 
  • This Is How Airbnb, Uber & Dropbox Grew So Fast…
  • …And How You Can Do The Same Thing
  • Pricing & Customer Checklist


eCommerce – Checkout

  • 2 Insanely Useful Articles on Checkout & Cart Abandonment
  • 3 More Actionable Checkout Strategies
  • How to Guarantee 10x Your Investment on Cart Abandoners
  • 20x More Revenue Than a Cross-Sell
  • Demo: This Is How to Set It Up
  • Not As Good As an Upsell But Still A Nice Addition to Sales
  • Just 1 of These Results in 10% Higher Orders 
  • 10 Companies Saw 31% Higher CTR by Doing This 



  • Read Your Customers’ Minds, Make Them Feel Envy & Charge More While Doing It 
  • Someone Put Together a List of the Most Viral Headlines. #4 Is Insanely Good 
  • What The Most Viral Headlines Include 40% of the Time 
  • 10 Different Names for the Same Post? 
  • 5 Services You Can Use to Find the Highest Converting Title or Subject Line
  • 28x Your Investment With Stories 
  • Businesses That Do This See 126% Higher Lead Growth 
  • 101 Headline Formulas
  • 47% Higher Traffic Without Any Extra Work
  • Copywriting Checklist
  • 1 Tiny Improvement Led to a 133% Increase in Conversion 
  • Case Study: The Most Readable Fonts, Typefaces & Line Spacing 
  • What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG)
  • 100s of Free Typefaces for Any Site 
  • Fonts & Typefaces Checklist



  • Not The Sexiest, But This Might Be The Most Important Growth Hack In The Course
  • 3 Extra Tips & A Script 
  • Demo: Usability Test
  • 5 Free Conversion Optimization Services In 1 Site
  • Not As Good As The Real Thing But Half the Price
  • Good Karma: 5 Simple Usability Tests for Free
  • Bet You Didn’t Know You Could Do This
  • 123% Increase in Conversion Just By Making Stuff Clickable 
  • $1 Million With 1 Landing Page & A Handful of Questions 
  • 10 Pages to Put Them On & How to Increase Response Rate 
  • Like Qualaroo But Free
  • Usability Checklist


Video Marketing

  • The Optimal Day & Time to Post & Host
  • Some More Tips for 20%+ Higher Signups 
  • Demo: Your Own Webinar in 5 Minutes
  • How Kissmetrics Increased Registrants 1,000%
  • Video Marketing Checklist


Social Media & (A Little) SEO

  • How to Get More Visibility on Twitter
  • Instead of Asking for an Email Address, Try This Instead
  • If You Don’t Have This on Your Site, You’re Missing Out on a Lot of Shares
  • How to Bribe Your Visitors for Even More Social Media Visibility
  • 1,000 Extra Visitors in 2 Days
  • How a 2 Second Improvement in Page Load Time = 100% Increase in Conversion
  • The 1 Thing That Slows Your Site Down The Most & How to Fix It
  • Where to Go to Make Any Other Type of Site Run Faster
  • Intro: Adding SSL to Your Site for Free
  • Speed Up Your Site & Ensure It Never Crashes Again
  • This Is How to Rank Your Post 1st on Google – Plain & Simple 
  • Social Media & SEO Checklist


Sales Psychology

  • If You Do This Genuinely, People Will Pay More for Your Product or Service
  • 4 Case Studies on What Determines Purchase Behavior 
  • Sales Psychology Checklist